Our philosophy is a communication of our evolution of self.

An awareness in our self expression, appreciation of where we come from,

where we are in the present moment, and ultimately who we hope to become.

     Sum Eram Ero is a lifestyle brand and design concept based in Portland, Oregon. Its name is derived from the Latin verb Sum : To Be. Translating to "I am, I was, I will be" , it addresses the burgeoning demand for an evolved and transformative culture and its arrival.


     A contemporary brand that began with a few scraps of leather and a bucket bag - in Los Angeles, California - by designers Taylor Sommer and Justine Mutchler, who met while attending Otis College of Art and Design. We believe in slow fashion, to develop and produce pieces that are made to order, in small batches by hand. Primarily using leather in all of our products, each hide is locally sourced, and hand selected by Justine. Every piece is then hand cut, sewn and treated in her small Portland Atelier.  

     Beginning with bags, each piece was developed and named after the person that inspired it. With our growth, we have added on new apparel and footwear collections creating a lifestyle brand. No matter the collection; small batch, limited edition, stock, or one-off, every single product is a one of a kind piece. Leathers' versatility, durability, and beauty is what makes this natural material so ideal to work with. Stretching and compressing, it molds to your shape, while remaining breathable, easy to re-condition, clean and restore. You can be sure each and every piece will become lasting items in your wardrobe. 


2516 NW 29TH AVENUE 

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